Composing an Email

Composing an email to an artist should be thorough and detailed. I receive many emails on the daily and I do my best to reply to everyone, but I can not always do so. However, the more professional your email is the more likely you’ll get a response from me! If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of artwork, please include the following in your email to (Note that I only take on projects/commissions that inspire me and give me complete creative freedom.)

  • About - tell me a little about yourself! What’s your name and why am I the artist of your choice?

  • Media & Size - would you like to commission a traditional or digital piece? And if traditional, what size? (ps: digital commissions don’t include prints)

  • Concept - explain your vision in detail, what’s the context, subject, etc.

  • References - please provide as many reference images as possible. If you’re the subject of the painting, send me the photos you’d like me to reference from.

  • Examples - if you like a certain piece that I’ve done in the past please provide a link to it or attach it to the email, tell me what you like about it, It’ll give me a better idea of what you’re looking for

  • Budget - This isn’t necessary but If you have a budget, it would be helpful to know how much I have to work with

  • Deadline - Do you have a specific time you need the commission to be finished by or are is your timeline fairly flexible?

That’s it! Take your time writing the email. I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can make something beautiful together :).