A book filled with beautifully rendered digital portraits of people and their stories. 

The campaign: Faces by Janice Sung


Faces was my first commissioned based art book and will now available for pre-order, click here to purchase the book. 

With everything going on in the world today, I wanted this project to remind us what it means to be human. The diversity of the human face the world over reveals the true beauty of our individuality. By compiling over 150 faces and stories together, we will be creating a map full of unique backgrounds and lived experiences, highlighting the common features that unite us, and the unique differences that make life interesting.

Faces exceeded double it's funding goal on December 10th 2017. Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign. 



The book will feature a beautiful classic softcover, measuring 8" x 8" - a perfect addition to your coffee table. Each page will be presented in a tasteful and minimal format while displaying portraits and stories commissioned during this Kickstarter campaign.

If you commissioned a portrait during the kickstarter campaign, you will have a full page dedicated to you! Every page will be designed with it's own unique touch, including an array of foliage and/or abstract designs. 


Examples of potraits featured in Faces