L.A Girl

I've been wanting to write about my experience in LA for awhile now and while the memory is still fairly fresh, I decided this would be a good time so.

I haven't traveled much (which needs to change!), but LA has definitely become one of my favorite places to visit. We went there back in July for the sole purpose of exhibiting at Anime Expo. What we didn't expect was to have an experience of a lifetime. Since we don't travel often we thought it would be fun to splurge a little more than usual on this trip, so we rented an amazing airbnb with a beautiful view, and an awesome jeep wrangler (one of my favorite cars). We loved everything about LA, the weather, the atmosphere, the people... everything! Whether its hiking through the hills or simply driving on the highway, the site of palm trees would bring warmth in to our hearts. 


In LA I would find any excuse to go outside, whether it's the beach, or just lounging on the rooftop of our bnb while enjoying our sweet sweet poke (which was located right under our building #blessed). The people were even nicer, you could tell everyone was a lot more outgoing, and relaxed, I didn't meet one person that came off uptight. I guess that's what happens when you live so close to the beach haha. 


Exihibiting at Anime Expo was also a blast and it just really opened my eyes to the opportunities that can partake in a vast city like LA. It made me feel like I've been sheltered all this time. I can't wait to back there again, and hopefully maybe even move there one day :). 

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