Finding My Style

One of the most often questions I get asked is how I developed my style. To be honest, I found it hard to give you guys an answer that you haven't heard before, which is, "just keep drawing, and your style will develop naturally". Rather than to preach to you guys I thought I'd share my journey into finding my own style instead. So yes, it is true, if you keep drawing, you will eventually find your style but like many people that was hard for me to believe because I just couldn't imagine it. I couldn't picture how I would like my style to look or even what direction I wanted to head towards. Developing a style has always been this huge dilemma for me because I felt like my style was a part of identity, whether it's art or fashion, It's how the rest of the world will perceive me.

If you look through my past work, it was clear that it lacked consistency and direction. There was one point where I thought the more realistic the drawing the better, then I strayed completely away from that and started doing drawings heavily inspired by graphic design, and it goes on. I would get so frustrated every single day because I simply hated everything I was creating. However, as tough as it was, and as many times as I felt demotivated, I didn't let that bring me down. I used that frustration as a drive to keep trying and continuously push myself to create something I was proud of. It took years but I am finally happy with where my art is at. I'm glad I went through that journey because it feels that much more rewarding knowing that I've surpassed such a huge obstacle.

So although it was difficult, what came out of it was a lot of growth and I believe every artist has to go through a similar struggle in their career one way or another to find a style they resonate with. 

[Below on the left is an older pieces that was heavily inspired by graphic design, which I still subtly emulate in my pieces today as you can see with the painting on the right.]

It took a really long time (pretty much 9 years) to get to where I am today, a lot of trial and error, frustration, breakdowns, and only now am I content with the work I'm producing. That's not to say my style will never change, in fact, it most likely will, but that's something I've learned to accept. I have to constantly remind myself to just focus on the now and how I can improve as an artist instead of solely on the outcome. So in conclusion, if you like drawing people, focus on getting better at anatomy, if you like painting landscapes, go out and paint more landscapes! Your style will come, I promise you :). I hope this can help some of you, if you guys have any more questions you want answered, feel free to email me or comment below! Thanks for reading!