Janice Sung is an independent illustrator based in Toronto.  

After graduating from Sheridan College with a bachelors degree in Animation, she worked at a couple production studios as a character designer, animator, and background artist. However, she always had the urge to create an identity for herself, to showcase beauty and tell stories through her art. This led her to leave the industry in 2017 to pursue a career as an independent artist and since then had the pleasure of working closely with some amazing clients designing and illustrating for fashion magazines, luxury brands, music covers, publishers and more. She hopes to one day open her own studio and eventually start a clothing line.

Janice loves tropical plants, mangoes, fried chicken, and most of all, being a dog mom to her son, Shibo the creamy husky.

So whether you're a large or small studio, a business, artist, musician, or just someone with some great ideas, please feel free to contact Janice with any inquiries or questions you may have as she is very open to working with new people! You can reach her via e-mail: hello.janicesung@gmail.com or click the button below to stay in touch.