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About me

What did you study?

I graduated Sheridan College with a bachelors degree in Animation. I took watercolour painting classes from age 7 - 16 and taught myself to paint digitally at age 17.

Where are you based?

I’m currently based in Toronto, Canada



What hardware/software do you use for your digital pieces?

Majority of my pieces are painted in Photoshop with a Cintiq 27 QHD unless stated otherwise. These are my favorite tools to use. For beginners with a budget, I would recommend starting off with any of the Wacom Intuos tablets, which was the first tablet that I used back in school and it served me well for many years. Another option would be Procreate on the iPad Pro, which is currently my go to device for casual sketching/painting. If you’re interested, I’ve done an in depth comparison on my Patreon: Photoshop vs Procreate and Cintiq vs iPad.

Do you have a brush set?

No, I don’t have a brush set. I like to change my brushes up often so that I bring something new to each painting. But I’ve mentioned the brushes I’ve used in the past throughout my Instagram posts.

what materials do you use for your traditional pieces?

I’m currently using gouache by Winsor & Newton and Strathmore watercolor paper.

How did you find your style?

Finding my style was something I struggled a lot with. It was probably the hardest obstacle to overcome during my journey. I wrote an journal post about this as well, feel free to give it a read: Finding my style


How did you become a freelance illustrator?

Before I started freelancing, I worked at a small boutique studio in Toronto as a concept artist. I became very unhappy with the work I was producing, and was eager to create artwork that I could be proud of, so I decided to quit my job in 2017 to become an independent illustrator full time and focus on building my craft full time. You can read more about my journey here.





Are you available for commissions?

I am always open to working with new clients whether it’s commercial work or brand collaborations, however, I no longer accept personal commissions, including portraits.